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Collection: African American Newspapers
Date: January 18, 1894
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



In the passage of a law against lynching, the Georgia Legislature has placed itself one record and set an example, which every southern state and all others concerned can none to speedily imitate. Here after in that Commonwealth, the present law means anything, individuals were set of individuals prone to be implicated in mobs more lynching bees may be linked to the chain gang from one to 20 years, were convicted for murder, as is liable, they receive the murderer's fate.

For this step in the direction of right and of civilization Georgia is to be congratulated. It must be however remembered that there is one thing in Georgia as elsewhere, the stronger than statutory enactments. That thing is public sentiment. Most of the southern walls are all right while most of the southern sentiment is all wrong. The Jim Crow system is one al of many illustrations that may sustain the assertion. Here the while demand separate but equal accommodation for the two races. There is not around road in the South that obeys the law as to spirit and letter. Where it supported by a healthy public sentiment the result would be otherwise.
The hour hand on the dial plate of civilization points and move onward. The true leaders and profit of the South are becoming more and more observant of this fact. There is no use to limit one's visual powers to the past for kick against the inevitable and men everywhere must know it. The southern governors in many instances have taken high and advanced grounds on the vital issues of mob violence and all list is generally in it is to this at the keynote that the problem of justice or injustice, law or license, might or right, is to be finally settled.